Who We Are:

We’re a small independent Bible Church with a strong emphasis on prayer, Bible study, and a relationship with Jesus Christ.

What We Do: We read, study, and proclaim the Bible as God’s inspired Word.

What We DON’T Do: 
* We don’t pressure people to give money or attend events.
* We don’t pretend to be perfect.

Our Purpose:
Our strength is in-depth instruction in God’s Word, which offers:
* Rest in times of weariness,
* Comfort in times of trouble,
* Courage in times of crisis,
* Love in times of sorrow,                                                                                                                          * A growing relationship with our Savior, the LORD Jesus Christ,
And for young people in particular- Guidance when direction is unclear.

Our Location:
Baroda Bible Church
9070 Third Street
Baroda, MI 49101